Left passage took it by about two-thousand votes. I loved reading some of the discussions justifying going one way over the other, though!

However, while we’re on the topic of this vote, I received a handful of complaints that this vote was “pointless” or “meaningless” because it wasn’t as complex as some of the others. Because you had no information about what could possibly result from the choices.

First of all, allow me to reiterate that you are provided with only the information the characters have themselves at any given point. In an ancient facility none of them have explored before, Cort and crew are not going have any clue what might be down two equally dark passages in this temple, and so neither should you.

But please don’t confuse the complexity or verbosity of a particular choice with its overall “meaningfullness”. It is more work for me to offer you a choice of paths. That is to say, the easiest route for me, both from a planning and execution standpoint, is to make the decision and draw the comic. But that’s not what this series is about. This series is about involving you, offering you some participation.

If I put a choice into an issue, it’s because I have two or more equally interesting paths that we can take. Two or more equally interesting situations our characters can find themselves in. Not because I just want to give you a button to click.

And every choice has consequences. Some will be rather small, and some will be incredibly severe.

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