Store sale and restock!

May 1, 2013 by Tim

Due to a little server hiccup, I apparently wasn’t receiving email for the past four days. If you sent me something, there’s a chance I didn’t receive it. If it was important, you may want to send it again.

We’ve received a huge resupply of a lot of the shirts in our store that have been out of stock for a long time now, including these:

CAD - Megamen t-shirt @
CAD – Megamen t-shirt design @ ©

CAD - Co-Op Science t-shirt @
CAD – Co-Op Science t-shirt design @ ©

CAD - Entourage t-shirt @
CAD – Entourage t-shirt design @ ©

CAD - Attention Zombies t-shirt @
CAD – Attention Zombies t-shirt design @ ©

Another batch of reprints for the remaining popular designs will follow.

We’ve also slashed prices on a lot of products in order to make way for new designs. Some of these items, once gone, will never return. So make sure you grab one now while they’re on sale.

The current Players designs (One, Two, Three and Four), the remaining main cast shirts (Lucas, Zeke, Chef Brian), and all of the Winter-een-mas shirts have been marked down to $10 each! The magnet sets, console skins, and character mugs have all also been priced to move. None of this stuff will be reprinted, so once it’s gone, it’s gone!


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