November 27, 2006 by Tim

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I spent the week up on Cape Cod with my family, eating lots of food and relaxing. Yes, I know Player Four has been unlocked, and I will update the Bios page eventually, just relax. I was on vacation.

So boy, I sure was wrong about some games. Last week I stated I wasn’t thrilled with the Rainbow Six: Vegas multiplayer, and that I was looking forward to the Superman Returns game.

Well first of all, Superman. What a disappointment. The game was fun for a few hours, after which you just run out of stuff to do. What the hell? You don’t rescue Lois once during the whole game. How is it possible to have a Superman game without needing to save Lois Lane at least once?

It’s a shame because I felt that they really had a foundation there. The open city, the flying, the combos, the city life-bar, etc. They did all the mechanics wonderfully, and then didn’t add anything to do with them. Unless you want to fly around and find 200 stranded kittens around Metropolis. Meh.

So I gave Rainbow Six: Vegas some more play time. I love the single player, but from the demo I never had much worry about that. I fired up multiplayer because I wanted to try out that character creation using the Xbox Camera. I have to say, I was shocked at how easy it was to create a Rainbow Six character of yourself.

The versus matches have started to grow on me, but I still find them largely hit or miss. I’ve had some really fun matches, but Ranked games just bring out the worst people. And unfortunately that’s the only way to unlock new gear. But I’ve already seen a lot of people exploiting matches for point, such as taking the briefcase in attack and defend, going into a corner near the drop point and killing themselves so they briefcase drops. Then they respawn and camp the briefcase as the Defenders try to recover it, racking up kills. And if a Defender gets too close, they just pick up the case and end the game.

And don’t even get me started on Survival Mode camping.

Personally I think playing like that is retarded, but whatever.When you do get into a good match, the game is lots of fun. Even despite the Halo morons who grab a shotgun and try to run and gun you. Also I hear the co-op mode is ace, but I haven’t given it a try yet.

I’m still trying to take over all of New York in The Godfather game.

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