July 6, 2016 by Tim

I’ve had a lot of SUMO chairs over the years. I had a bunch of Omnis thanks to a sponsorship deal for a LAN party I used to organize, and from there I’ve tried out a variety of their offerings over the years, some more successfully executed than others. Over time, moving and changing our decor etc, I’ve had to cull some of the less-used members of my SUMO family. But the one staple I’ve kept, the one that continues to be a go-to, contested chair at gatherings, is my Titan. I’ve not yet introduced it to my sons yet, as they are rather small and I fear if they jumped into its billowy goodness, I might never find them again. But I have no doubt they will come to love the chair as they grow older.

There have always been two drawbacks to SUMO beanbags: size and price. Most of them (the Titan especially) devour a lot of floor space. You’re making a real commitment to the chair as part of your layout, because they are not easily “tucked away” inbetween use. It’s the primary reason I had to thin my collection; they were great when we had company, or wanted to really lounge while playing a game, but inbetween they just… had to stay there.

They’re also expensive, so you’re paying a lot for the crazy comfort they provide. Mine have held up really well, so I’d say you get your money’s worth over time, but again, it can be a barrier if it’s just going to be a “sometimes” chair in your house.

So when they shot me an email to let me know they’d launched a new product, I was pleased to see that it directly addresses both of those elements. Behold, the SUMO Air:

(It’s a 360 video, so you can spin it!)

As you can see, not only is it a squishy chair that you can fold up and tuck away when not in use, but it’s portable so you can take it anywhere you need to go. And I mean anywhere*, because it floats!

*I do not mean in outer space. Do not use your SUMO Air in outer space, you will die.

While the SUMO Air won’t give quite the same experience as the Titan, which to this day I am sure is filled with puree’d unicorns and love, it makes up for that by being a fraction of the price, and being able to get the hell out of your living room once you need to revert back to “adult” for your tea party or whatever.

Frankly, I want one just so I can bust it out at random times, spin around to fill it and then plop down to relax. In line at the store? SUMO Air. Hanging around waiting for the wedding reception to start? SUMO air. Your plane crashed and you’re stranded in the Andes, forced to eat people to survive? SUMO Air.

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