July 30, 2010 by Tim

Yeah, I’m gonna talk about Starcraft 2 again because… well, it’s Starcraft 2. It’s sort of a big deal. Actually, I really just feel like we’ve been waiting so long for this game that it’s only fair to revisit my opinions and observations of the game as they’ve had a few more days to sink in.

I think I like single-player campaign better that versus. And it’s not just because I’m not terribly good at versus (which I do love anyway). But having played through some (not all) of the single-player campaign, and experienced all of the additional bells and whistles, versus just ends up feeling a little pared down.

The campaign just gives you a lot of control, a lot of customization. The missions you take and how you complete them give you access to different tech, and cash to upgrade your stuff in different ways, and neatest of all, alien research trees that give you some very interesting choices to make. You also just have… more.

Where are my Firebats and Medics in versus? I wanna play with Firebats and Medics online. I get why they aren’t there… they were either removed for balance reasons, or they were held back to be released alongside the next Starcraft 2 installments. Or very likely, both. I understand that, and I’m even okay with them spreading things out over three games, because the single-player campaigns are proving to be incredibly entertaining and rewarding. However it still makes versus feel like it got gypped a little.

And that’s not to say that versus isn’t fun, because it most certainly is. I’m totally addicted to refining strategies from my Starcraft 1 days, and finding new and efficient combinations of battle tactics. And there are some pretty crazy possibilities.

A friend I play with has taken a liking to a little strategy he found that involves building his base inside his opponent’s base. He literally rushes his probe into their base, off to the side unseen, and begins warping in stargates. After a short while, he’s sending waves of Zealots at his opponent that either totally destroy him, or at least cripple his early-game economy.

It’s an incredibly risky strategy, and most of the time he gets rushed as well with no base defenses to protect himself, leaving both players hurting in a bad way, but when it works, oh boy it’s amusing.

Personally I enjoy a good marine swarm. There’s very little that doesn’t absolutely melt in the face of 100+ fully upgraded marines.

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