Swinging chains

June 14, 2006 by Tim

I beat Hitman the other day, and I was really impressed with the way they carried out the ending. I’d like to see more games with a cinematic flair like that. I don’t see a whole lot of motivation to go back and play on the super difficult modes, but perhaps a month or two down the line I’ll pick it up again. It was definitely a fun game.

Pierre and his new son are doing well. They’re home, and he’s adjusting to fatherhood. Best of luck, buddy! Try and get some rest… you’ll need it.

MotoGP is out, but… eh. Graphics aren’t everything. We need a new Road Rash game. That was the last time I found riding motorcycles in a video game to be entertaining.

We also need a new Powerstone. Someone get on that, will ya’?

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