SWTOR: Kinetic Potential

November 28, 2011 by Tim

With the last SWTOR beta weekend also comes the end of SWTOR’s guild pre-launch program. On December 2nd Bioware will start assigning guilds to various servers in preparation for early access.

Our two guilds, Kinetic and Potential, are currently sitting at the cap of five-hundred members each, with over four hundred applicants still waiting for a spot.

If you are currently confirmed for one of these two guilds (or have an app waiting for approval), but have since decided that either a) you won’t be playing SWTOR with us or b) you won’t have the game by January 3rd, I’d ask that you please withdraw your membership from the guild to make room for someone else that does wish to join.

Once we have been assigned to a server, I’ll make a post about it here, as well as our guild website, so that anyone that doesn’t get accepted into the guild before launch can at least roll on the same server. Inevitably space in the guild will open up, and we will be happy to invite you at that time. And of course in the interim you are invited to use the guild forums to socialize and group with us as a guild member in all but name.

I had a blast with the beta, and I’m really looking forward to launch day with everyone!


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