That room

March 19, 2012 by Tim

I can’t quite figure out why there’s a room before the CIC on the Normandy SR2 that makes me sit through a full-body security scan on Commander Shepard every time he passes through.

What are they securing against? I can go straight from the armory to the bridge via the elevator, so there’s nobody stopping me from bringing a rocket launcher into the cockpit if I wanted to. Plus, Shepard is the captain of the ship. If he was going to go terrorist, I don’t think he needs to sneak contraband onto the bridge; he could just fly the Normandy straight into the Citadel.

I guess maybe the small section of the ship that is quarantined by this security checkpoint could be where the “civilian” passengers hang out, and they don’t want some random schmuck wandering into the CIC. But then why do they scan Shepard every single time? Not only is he military, as previously stated he runs the ship. Everyone knows who he is.

And if there isn’t some legitimate purpose for it (I haven’t come across one yet so far in my playthrough, so I’m not certain), then that would mean that Bioware placed it there to arbitrarily waste our time as we explore our ship.

If they just wanted to show us that “the fleet takes ship security very seriously,” they could have done so with a small cutscene the first time Shepard boards after the opening.

It’s getting to the point where I’d pay a couple of bucks just to DLC that room off my fucking ship.

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