That trailer…

October 21, 2015 by Tim

Just in case, I don’t know, you were born with your face turned inside out and up until yesterday you’d spent your entire life staring at your own brain, but finally the surgery was a success and for the first time ever you can look at this magnificent place we call the world and have been so busy taking it all in that you haven’t gotten around to watching this yet…

It’s amazing. Enjoy this feeling for the next two months, because if this movie turns out to suck, a lot of us will never love again. We will be husks, dead inside, shells of our former selves, hollow-eyed and pale, huddled together for warmth, not because we care to be warm or social, but because our instinctual lizard-brain tells us that was something our former selves used to care about back when we were human and “hope” was a word with any meaning.

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