The big show

June 1, 2009 by Tim

Well, it’s June 1st. That means one more month until we move into the new house. One more month to finish up as much of the renovations as possible. It’s going to be a busy few weeks.

E3 is actually looking pretty interesting this year. There was a lot of talk about restoring E3 to its former glory, and it definitely appears that steps are being taken to that effect.

The last year I attended E3 was 2006, the year before they cut the show’s balls off. It was the last “stupidly extravagant, spend ridiculous amounts of money for silly amounts of flash and glamour” E3 show. I didn’t go in 2007, and to be honest, in 2008, I practically didn’t even notice it come and go.

If they’re bringing the E3 of old back, then I think next year maybe I’ll head out there again. But it has to be a pretty damn good show to get me to step foot anywhere near that cesspool that the west coast calls ‘Los Angeles’.

At this point in this year’s show, I’m most excited to see new stuff on Splinter Cell: Conviction. For a while there it was almost like that game had gone all emo, put on a hoodie sweatshirt and disappeared into the crowd. Good to see it back.

Some websites list the release date as June 30th. I suspect that to be horseshit. I don’t see how they would be releasing a big title like that at the end of the month with next to no promotion or hype started by now.

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