The book lives

May 31, 2004 by Tim

Small update: I’ll be showing off the cover of the book sometime soon, but in the meantime, if you want to check out the artwork that will be used, head on over to Applegeeks, where Hawk has it showcased. I drew the pencils, and Hawk inked and colored them. His work is amazing, and I’m honored to have it gracing the cover of my book.

Well, I promised you that I’d give you all of the information about the book today, and so here it is. I’m hoping that it will help make it clear to everyone how important pre-orders are, and also get everyone as psyched about it as I am.

And speaking of pre-orders, I believe I also promised you that ordering for the book would open today. Since I always try to make good on my promises, starting today you can now pre-order Insert Coin: Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume 1 from the store. As I mentioned, pre-orders are very, very, very, very important, especially this first week, so please don’t hesitate to place your order.

At some point after the orders have started to come in, I’ll make a progress bar so everyone knows where we are. Other than that, all of the information is on the book information page. I will however comment that this is turning out to be one damned cool piece of work.

Also, all donations between now and the release of the book will be going towards the financing of the book. And on that note, today is the last day to donate to receive the Player One and Player Two wallpapers, which I will preview for you again below this newspost.

On an entirely different topic, I’ll be appearing on Fanboy Radio this Wednesday, so you can tune in and check that out. I believe they’ll have a few other web comic artists as well. Should be pretty fun.

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