The folks over at Blind Ferret have launched a kickstarter to try and make a game based on Looking for Group. Their goal is a 4-player co-op RPG, with sort of a Gauntlet vibe, and they need money to make it happen. It’s got ‘splosions, and smashing, and probably some stabbings, so why not give it a look!

Plus, if you pledge at the $50 level, you can unlock our very own world-conquering robot Zeke as an in-game companion. Companions give special bonuses in-game, and each comes with their own specific quest! You also nab yourself a copy of the game, beta access, a digital artbook, and your name in the credits. Not too shabby!

So head on over and check it out! Maybe toss a few dollars into the pot if it looks like your sort of party!

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