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November 4, 2005 by Tim

For those of you wondering what a “unified online service” would entail, think of Xbox Live. All online games you play on the Xbox pass through Xbox Live in some form or another. You pay a single subsciption fee. You have a single username and password. Obviously Xbox Live is making the transition to the next generation. Hell, even Nintendo is creating a similar all-inclusive service.

Word on the street is that Sony is not. So now imagine, if you will, that every time you want to play a different game online, you are logging into a different service. Different menus, different functionality, perhaps even different subscription fees.

That sounds like boatloads of fun.

Aaaaanyway, very shortly I’ll have a couple of new designs available for sale in the store.

The first shirt I think sums up my argument rather nicely, and I’m pretty proud of it. Sure, I could wear a shirt that declares I hate another human being for having an opinion, but I’d rather fight the message, not the messenger.

The second design I actually created a couple of years ago, shortly after I started Ctrl+Alt+Del, but I never had it printed. I figured I’d see if anyone wanted it.

Also, coming up after the New Year, I’ll have another few shirts. Here are a couple of WoW designs I’m working on, and you should also be able to buy the Zergling Rush t-shirt from this comic.

Perhaps I’ll even do a shirt that says “Fuck Pants”. Who knows.

Also, Xfire posted the transcipts of a live chat they had with the fine folks over at Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes, City of Villains). That be located here, yo.

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10 months ago

I forgot about the old CAD t-shirts. Man, good times back then. I wonder if those old shirts, and I think posters, still exist somewhere.