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June 2, 2006 by Tim

Sorry for the late post, I was busy slapping together a new trailer for you. I got a lot of positive feedback when I did it last week. I won’t be able to do one a week, but I’ll try to do them often.

It’s been five months since we started releasing the Ctrl+Alt+Del Animated Series, and we’re going stronger than ever! The support for the animated shorts has been tremendous. We just released episode five, which is a collection of quick shorts featuring some of CAD’s supporting characters.

I can’t give the episodes away, but I’m sure the money guys won’t mind if I give you a little clip of one of the earlier ones. I also threw in some short clips showing me drawing some of the comics for this past week. You may recognize the artwork.

I’ve got some other cool projects coming your way over the summer, too.

Got through the second Hitman mission last night, with a Silent Assassin rating. Took me a little while, though. At one point I got frustrated and stalked from room to room just killing everyone, stealth be damned. Then I made designs with the bodies.

I hate the cutscenes though.

There a pretty nice Dev Diary of Neverwinter Nights 2 here. I’ve been a little bit worried about the fate of NWN2 in light of reports of Atari’s recent financial difficulties. Again. I know, it’s like a running theme with them.

Atari Exec 1: Hey, what do you want to do this quarter? Make some games?

Atari Exec 2: Ooh, how about we go bankrupt again?

Atari Exec 1: I love it! I’ll get the Chapter 11 party hats!

The general worry is that NWN2 would be rushed out the door, to spur some hasty cash flow, and we’d end up with a game neck deep in bugs. I played NWN2 at E3 last month, and it looked great. It has some potential. Hopefully my fears are unfounded.

Party hats are cool too, though, I guess.

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