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August 31, 2009 by Tim

I know some of you who follow our twitter accounts might have already heard about it but I wanted to make a longer post here.

As you might know, I started my own WoW guild on the alliance side of the Sentinels (US) server. Now, I know there are more WoW guilds that you can shake a stick at but I was looking for a different experience.

I was looking for a guild where it’s ok to afk from a raid because the baby got up for her 1 AM bottle. I was looking for a guild where we can have mature conversations that don’t revolve around genitalia. I was looking for a guild where you can ask questions without being called a n00b.

ZeGuild is a guild created especially for parents, casual players and cool people :).

I should give a fair warning tho. If you’re into hardcore playing/raiding, if you want to get to the top really quickly, if you can’t use a language that’s good enough for those who have kids around looking at the screen or if you’re just a moron, please don’t consider us. You’re just going to leave or get the boot. We’re going to be pretty strict about drama as well. We’re all looking for a good time and we’ll make sure to get rid of those preventing that.

Also, I wanted to stress that this is not strictly a CAD guild. It’s simply a guild I started and Tim is letting me post about it. Should Tim and I get into a huge fight about who has the cutest shoes and I decide to leave CAD, I’ll boot his sorry ass out and go on with my day ;).

If you want to join us, simply find me (PierLuc) or Tim (Fiad) online and send us a whisper. We’ll gladly send an invite your way. Right now, all spots are open to all class/play time/profession except maybe for Inscription (I’m 450). We already have one bank tab, a tabard and we’ll get a vent server up shortly. The plan is to start doing 10 mans as soon as we have enough bodies to fill a raid. Until then, I guess we’ll get the lowbies leveled up :).

See you online!

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