The Matrix and Reviews

May 21, 2003 by Tim

Well, I saw it. Thought it was pretty damn good, too. I know Absath will probably skewer me for this, but I thought it was definitely as good as the first movie. I’m going to be writing a big review, hopefully I’ll have a few guests commenting on it as well, because I think The Matrix is one of those things too important to handle alone. Also, from now on, I’m going to have a “Second Opinion” space at the bottom of every new review I write.

Another thing, I am looking for new reviewers to bring more content into the reviews section. If you want to be an official CAD reviewer, send a sample of your writing and a little information about yourself to my email address: [email protected]

(Edit: EL3CTRO from the CAD chat has kindly demonstrated what not to send me with this review:


Bananas OWN lots, especially yellow ones, because they’re yellow…. and bananary”

…thank you EL3CTRO.)

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