The millionth level

September 11, 2009 by Tim

If you haven’t been keeping up on EA’s marketing campaign for Dante’s Inferno (what do you mean you have better things to do?), they’ve been working their way through the circles of hell in some clever, less-than-clever, and downright horrible ways.

In what I guess would be ‘Limbo’, at E3 earlier this year they hired people to stage a fake protest of the game in the name of the church. I’m assuming this was “Limbo” because this particular marketing stunt must forever exist where it can view good marketing stunts, and yet never attain that status.

Then at Comic Con, they gave away “a night with a hot girl” in the name of Lust. The task was to “commit acts of lust” towards the booth babes. I shouldn’t need to tell you why asking that of the type of crowd at Comic Con is a horrible idea.

For Gluttony I’ve been told they sent people cake… not terribly offensive, but not terribly creative either.

For the fourth level of hell, the Hoarders and the Wasteful, they really shined. They sent journalists a $200 check, and charged them with either cashing it, thus hoarding the wealth or throwing it away, thus wasting it.

They’ve got five more circles of hell with which to strut their promotional stuff. I will give it to them that it certainly looks like it’s turning out to be an entertaining project, despite all of the (understandable) liberties they’ve needed to take with Alighieri’s work to make a video game out of it.

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