The prophecy

September 16, 2005 by Tim

There was this show on TV when I was a kid… I’m not entirely positive on the name, but I’m willing to guess it was something like “Out of this World”. The premise was that this girl’s father was an alien from another planet, and by touching the tips of her index fingers together, she had the power to freeze time.

Ever since I saw that show I’ve wished for that power, even moreso as of late. Everyone has experienced it- when there is just so much to do, and not enough time to do it in. You just need more hours in each day.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft with the CAD guilds on Dark Iron, and we really rock. I mean we have some great people there. I have a lot of fun there, so WoW vies for a huge chunk of my attention.

But Indigo Prophecy is right around the corner as well. I’ve heard some rumors that it’s already been released on the Xbox, but I’ve yet to see it. My understanding is that all versions come out on the 20th. Regardless, I’m waiting for the PC version anyhow.

The game seems really great, although I fear it will become another one of those titles that I start and never finish.

So there we have two time-intensive games that I want to be playing, and I haven’t even mentioned Burnout Revenge and a handful of other titles.

Now throw those into the mix with my daily work like the comic, answering emails, business-related stuff, finishing up the upcoming Ctrl+Alt+Del comic book…

Oops. Did I just mention that? Well since backspacing is just far too much trouble, I’d better be out with it.

Some of you that have been here for a spell may recall about two years ago I showed some progress on a full-length, Ctrl+Alt+Del related comic book. All new material.

Well a while ago I picked it up again. Of course, the artwork from 2 years ago was outdated, and had to be redrawn, but the script was still solid. So fingers crossed, by the end of the year I will have the first of many actual comic books to release. It’s pretty exciting.

I don’t want to spoil any of the story, but I’ll post the cover art as we get closer to print time.

Also, if you ordered a copy of Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume 2, you’ll be treated to an exclusive look at a couple of the original pages that I drew for the comic book two years ago.

And wouldn’t you know it, the books have already begun to ship out? So you’ll all have your books in hand very shortly.

On Sunday morning I’m leaving to fly up to Canada where I will be signing all of the books that need signing. We’re also planning another fan get-together like we did last time I was up there. It was a lot of fun, and some really great fans came out to say hello.

I don’t have details at the moment, but I will later today. Given the turnout last time, we now better understand what to expect. So if you’ll be in the area of Montreal/Laval next week, you should swing on by.

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