So *cough*, yeah, this is probably one of the toughest comics I’ve ever drawn. I know I make it look easy, but those three panels were hand-rendered one at a time in photoshop with a 1-pixel-wide paintbrush over the course of sixteen hours. It is only through this grueling process that I could truly capture the essence of darkness that, when you look at it, it calls to your very soul. Yeah.

It’s such a bad pun on the name of the game, which is probably why I found it so amusing. But the name of the franchise as always been a bit of a misnomer, hasn’t it? I mean, you always have a flashlight or a torch or something, and you’re never truly alone, are you? You’re always surrounded by all manner of monsters and creepy-crawlies. A more appropriate name might be “Screwed in a Poorly Lit Situation.”

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