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October 25, 2003 by Tim

CAD GameDay

Currently Not Playing

Alright, here’s the deal. For those of you wondering, CAD GameDay is still on for today. Unfortunately at the moment I’m dealing with some unavoidable issues that require my attention, so I am currently unable to solidify a schedule. I can tell you that today’s GameDay will consist of three short sessions of America’s Army, the Halo PC Demo, and some Savage retail. Exactly in what order, or what time they will start I probably won’t know for another hour or two. But rest assured, I want to play some games with you guys.

On the bright side, an all night drink-and-game-a-thon, that started at 11pm last night, ended with an empty bottle of vodka and the completion of Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes at around 10am this morning. All in all I think the game gave us a good 30-40 hours of gameplay, and we only got 15 out of the 20 soul shards. For a co-op game, I have to say that’s money’s worth.

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