The Starcaster Chronicles #02

January 19, 2015 by Tim

This week begins issue #2 of The Starcaster Chronicles! It’s been a little while, so if you want to brush up on where Cort and Speck left off, you can read all of issue #1 starting here.

Kate Finnegan will be joining me on colors this issue. I really enjoyed working with her on Analog and D-Pad #1, so I’ve hired her to work on both series going forward.

Because the first audience choice is not for a few pages, I was able to get some pages finished and back from Kate already, which means full color for the moment. However, like last time, we may bump up to a point where I need to post black and white pages for a few days while Kate finishes the colors. It’s just an unavoidable consequence of not being able to draw some pages until I know what direction the audience has voted the story.

So we’ll do our best to minimize black and white page time, but bear with us.

Are Cort and Speck in over their heads? Who is the bounty hunter sent after them? What is a Starcaster? We may find out in this issue! Stay tuned!

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