The worst kind

November 2, 2005 by Tim

Fall is sort of a bitch. It’s around this time that we get absolutely bombarded with excellent new titles from every direction imagineable. Most companies purposely schedule their games to launch in time for the christmas rush, and with obvious reason.

Last year was downright painful. Doom 3, Half-Life 2 and World of Warcraft all launched within a couple weeks of eachother, amidst at least a dozen other great games.

So far this year it’s been tolerable, with Shadow of the Colossus, The Warriors, Tony Hawk, Stubbs the Zombie, and Black and White 2 on beginning the landslide of must-play titles.

In a few weeks we have the Xbox 360 and launch titles finding their way into the hands of the masses. Our only light on the horizon as we are buried in piles of playable games, is that January usually marks the beginning of a dead zone in the gaming industry. A dry spell during which we can catch up on all of the games released the previous fall.

As you may have heard, Oblivion will not be hitting shelves in time for christmas, and as much as I anticipate that game, I almost find it a blessing. Oblivion, which practically guarantees to be the largest time sink of them all, will not be hitting until after I’ve had a chance to get the rest of the games played and shelved.

It occurs to me that I might sound pretty silly to comment on having so many games and not enough time to play them all. But I’ve never been the most patient fellow, and I have a deeply rooted desire to absorb all electronic entertainment into my personal energies as soon as is humanly possible.

So obviously we need to add about 6 extra hours to the standard day.

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