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February 29, 2008 by Tim

Alright, today is it. The very last day to register for Digital Overload 2008. After midnight tonight we’re closing registration. This also means today is the last day to log in to your Digital Overload account and update the information/descriptions of the equipment you’re bringing. Trust me, do it now or it’s going to take you longer to get checked in and set up on Friday evening.

Next week I’ll have some information for attendees, checklists on what to remember to bring, information on the priority check-in for those who paid before December 31st, etc.

So Army of Two comes out next week. As I mentioned I was really psyched for this game last fall, and then it got pushed back a few months. I was disappointed, but also a little relieved that there was one less game on the ridiculous pile of fall releases we experienced last year.

So now it has come around again, and I’ve been reading up on it and watching videos to see what’s been improved and what they’ve changed. Overall it looks like the few months extra did the game a lot of good. Some features are gone that I though would have been pretty neat, like the mini-game where you plug the bullet holes in your dying partner’s body with tampons, but I can understand why they were removed. As long as most of the touted co-op centric gameplay remains, I should be fairly content.

I’m drawn to co-op games like a moth to flame, and even if the game suffers a bit in some areas, fun co-op can still make it an A+ title in my book. Kane and Lynch is a perfect example of this. The game itself had some flaws, but get a buddy for the campaign and suddenly you’re having so much fun it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Speaking of, I was happy to find out yesterday that Rainbow Six Vegas 2 fill feature a legitimate co-op campaign this time around. Cutscenes and story and everything. Now I’m excited for the campaign as well as the multiplayer.

Now, with Digital Overload only a week away, it’s about time I enter non-stop stress mode until it is over. In the meantime, enjoy some pure awesomeness.

Iron Man Exclusive Trailer

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