They’re orbish

December 29, 2006 by Tim

It may be a little bit early for a Crackdown comic, what with the demo not coming out until January 18th, and the game not hitting shelves until mid-February. But the Winter-een-mas story will take all of January, and I couldn’t wait until early February to do a comic about the game.

Today’s comic came about from a conversation I had with Brian.

[18:06] Brian: Being a cop in this city has got to be awesome. “Here’s your superpowers. Oh, and here’s your license to kill anyone for any reason at any time. Go nuts.”
[18:06] Tim: “But what about lawsui–” “Nope.”
[18:07] Brian: “God bless the Patriot Act.”
[18:08] Tim: then again the city doesnt appear to have any citizens except gun-toting gangsters, so…
[18:09] Brian: That’s going to be my story. “Uh…he was a gangster, Chief.” “Oh! Here’s your promotion.”

I moved the Christmas videos to their own section in the Funbox, so they can be readily available without searching through old newsposts.

I also updated the Bios, so the nagging about Player Four can stop. Yes, she has been unlocked. Officially.

You know what else is awesome? Aebleskiver. My Mom just started making them, I guess, and I tried them when I went home for Christmas. They’re like little orb pancakes with any kind of fruit or jam you want in the middle.


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