This War of Mine

November 16, 2014 by Tim

If you enjoy roguelikes in the vein of FTL, I highly recommend you check out This War of Mine. It just launched on Friday. It puts you in the position of civilians trying to survive in the middle of a warzone, a perspective we don’t often get to see in video games.

From a gameplay standpoint, I’d say it’s a cross between State of Decay and Shadow Complex.

I played it for an hour and a half, and you can watch that video if you want to get a feel for the game. Since very little seems to be scripted, there’s little need to be concerned for spoilers. You may not even draft the same selection of survivors that I did, and your game could play out very differently.

There is no tutorial in-game either (that I saw), so watching me figure things out might give you a bit of insight heading into your first game.

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