Time to make a Hero!

August 8, 2011 by Tim

Well, after a little over sixty thousand votes, I’ve decided to close the Heroes of Newerth Hero poll! It was an incredibly close race among the top three Heroes, Cthulhuphant (I did another concept sketch you can check out here), Gorge and Durandel, in that order. Thank you all so much for your participation, especially those of you that sent in Hero concepts!

The readers behind the finalists are:

Haglish- Keinan Miller

Vixen- Jessica Katria

Cthulhuphant- David Flax

Amoeba- Saulo de Oliveira

Durandel – Alex Cook

Kaiser was inspired by a submission from someone named Kyle that I took a few steps further by adding the Runestones. Unfortunately Kyle didn’t submit his full name, but Kaiser was one of the Heroes I liked the best. And the person behind Groth and Bindle also didn’t submit their name, but I’m sure they know who they are!

So the next step is for me to get in touch with S2 games with the list of heroes in order of popularity, and we’ll start talking about which Hero they like the best, and what they think would fit best in the game/what the game needs at the moment. Everything is ultimately at the discretion of the developer, but I’m pretty excited about this next step of the process. I’ll keep you guys posted as much as I can, when we settle on the hero and things start coming together.

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