‘Tis the season

December 21, 2005 by Tim

I know at this point it’s probably old news that CAD is going animated, but it’s still pretty exciting to me. Especially ever since I turned over the script/storyboards for the first episode and can watch it all come together.

I’m astonished at how many people have signed up for something two months away based on a thirty-second clip. You guys never cease to amaze. The animation doesn’t start until February, but as a thank you to everyone who bought the 12-month subscription, I’m going to start releasing exclusive stuff in January. Some wallpapers, an announcement for another cool project I’m working on, and maybe even an exclusive comic.

Also, I know a lot of you are concerned about how well CAD will be making the transition to animation. A lot of you are primarily worried about the voice-acting. Rest assured, we have professional voice actors that were hand-chosen by me personally to voice our favorite gamers. But to prove it to you, come sometime in February you’ll be able to buy just the first episode at a discounted price, so you can see for yourselves.

With the christmas rush upon us , this week will be extra busy for me. Friday and Saturday’s comics should be up on time, but Monday’s comic may come late. Just fair warning.

Dead or Alive 4 was delayed again. Santa will be bringing me no fighting game goodness for the Xbox 360. At least it should be here in time for Winter-een-mas.

If I don’t manage to post again until after the holidays (it may happen), I hope everyone has a great christmas!

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