September 2, 2013 by Tim

Titanfall is shaping up to be one of the Xbox One’s most compelling titles. It’s a shame it couldn’t be wrangled for a launch title, it certainly has the potential to sell some systems. Right now Dead Rising 3 s carrying the full weight of being the most interesting launch exclusive, with Ryse teetering on “very iffy.”

I do think that the on-foot gameplay in Titanfall is going to have to be incredibly compelling, though, in order for me to choose it over stomping around in a huge war mech. The parkour looks nifty, but it’s hard for me to imagine a scenario where I have access to a thirty-ton robot, and instead choose to run around with a little pea-shooter. But we’ll see.

Keiji Inafune has taken to Kickstarter to try and get us a new ‘Mega Man’ game, finally. While he obviously doesn’t own the rights to Mega Man, Capcom clearly isn’t doing shit with the franchise, so we’ll get the next best thing: a spiritual successor from Mega Man’s creator.

You know, I say “next best thing”, but really it may turn out to be “the next better thing.” Inafune has a chance to go in now and create a whole new brand based on a loved concept, but without being weighed down by all of the limitations and expectations that come with an established franchise as old as Mega Man.

I’d have been pretty psyched for a new, authentic Mega Man game. I’m finding myself twice as psyched to see something new done in that vein.

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