Too Human

August 21, 2008 by Tim

So played a bunch of Too Human today. We finished up the Ice Forest, got to level 22 or so.

It’s a very enjoyable game, especially on co-op. It’s also a good game, but not a great game. And unfortunately it is just a couple of minor issues that keep it from being a great game, first and foremost the camera system. And yes Denis, I get Too Human. Your camera system just sucks.

It’s not so bad that you can’t deal with it, but it is bad enough that you notice it. And I think it could have been so easily remedied just by allowing you to hold down LB to turn the right thumbstick into camera rotation. And still tap LB to center the camera behind you like it does now. I think some minimal control over camera rotation would make things leagues better.

We also can’t figure out why certain enemies just seem immune to ranged damage. We’re not sure if it’s intentional, or a bug of some sort. We do notice sometimes enemies just disappear for no reason, so it’s not like the game is without bugs.

It is a fun time though, and I do see some replay interest there with either playing it through with your character again to reach max level, or leveling up different classes. I’m played a Defender, so I wade into the throng of enemies with my big hammer and start tossing them into the air, and Brian is a Commando, so he shoots them from a distance, and then runs in circles crying when they come after him.

There is another layer to combat and combos that I’m finally getting the hang of, twenty levels in. They could have done a better job explaining certain gameplay elements along the way.

Co-op removes the story elements and you pretty much just get straight action for what looks to be about 15 hours of gameplay. I’m not complaining, I’ll do the story on my own at some point. The action is entertaining, and there’s enough of it to keep you going, especially since a death penalty is nearly nonexistent. That’s great, because there have been a couple of instances where Brian and I were just dying left and right.

Overall, I don’t think it’s the revolutionary epic that Silicon Knights wanted it to be (or seems to think it is), but it is a fun game, with a fair amount of replay value.

Now that I’ve heard that Silicon Knights isn’t starting work on Too Human 2 right away (they’re doing another project), I’m pretty confident we’ll never see this planned “trilogy” finished, at least not in a timeframe that will keep anyone interested.

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