Under the sea

February 10, 2010 by Tim

I’ve been playing through Bioshock 2, and I’m positively blown away by 2K Marin’s return to Rapture. Sure, there’s an awful lot here that feels like the same old Bioshock, but they’ve still managed to give me goosebumps a couple of times with their gorgeously designed areas and action sequences. The underwater portions in particular have secured a place in my heart, and the first time I rounded the corner and was faces with the “Welcome to Repture” sign, and the silhouette of a giant squid shot past, I had to stand there for a moment to take it all in.

I’m playing on the hardest difficulty, as has been my custom ever since my dance with Demon Souls awakened my desire for the biggest challenge possible. It’s definitely proving to be a bit of a challenge, not only with tougher enemies, but with managing EVE and ammo. The story is beginning to get its hooks in me, though I’ll admit it starts off a little slow. But I have high hopes for the end game. This one looks like a worthy sequel that will pay off.

In Digital Overload news, we’re going to be opening sign-ups for tournaments on Friday. Please remember that in order to sign up for tournaments, you must be registered and paid for your badge.

Additionally, Friday also marks the last day that you can purchase an event t-shirt with your registration for $10. If we have any extras, they will be on sale at the event for $15. Finally, the 18th of February is the last day to register for your Gamer of Tabletop badge.

Digital Overload attendees also receive an 18″x24″ Limited Edition poster. This year’s poster will feature the artwork from today’s update. If there are any left after the event, they will be sent to SplitReason and be made available to everyone.

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