Ventrilo Server Information

January 25, 2007 by Tim

The Winter-een-mas 2007 Ventrilo Server is now online!

Server IP:

There are a number of channels set up on the server to make it easier to find other people to talk to and play games with, and I’ll be adding more channels over the next few days.

This server is available to all CAD fans for the entire week of Winter-een-mas, to make it easier to find eachother and play games, courtesy of UGT Servers.

I’ll be popping in and out under the name [CAD]Tim, and I’ll be on shortly before 7pm EST tonight to say hello, and prepare for our Battlefield 2142 event this evening.

(Note: You may see me on, but not talking. If that’s the case I’m away from the computer, or doing work.)


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