Very impressive

June 7, 2007 by Tim

So I didn’t grab Forza 2. I know it looks gorgeous, but technical racers just aren’t my thing. Slowing down to take turns? No thanks, I have to do that in real life.

Though I did recently start seeing some screenshots of a really cool feature the game has, which is a car painter mode. I’ve seen some pretty cool designs on cars, and it piqued my interest. You can’t import graphics, but I guess the vector tools in the painter are pretty versatile.

I just saw this little gem, done by our very own forum member “Gen”. I am both impressed and flattered.

And on such a nice car, too. ’69 Toyota 2000GT. Great job, Gen!

Update: Someone just linked me to another CAD-themed paintjob as well, by someone named “Osty”. I guess you can auction and trade custom paintjobs, and he’s got some of these available for purchase in the game (however that works). That’s really cool!

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