Virus Scanners and Virtua Fighters

August 20, 2003 by Tim

You guys need to update, seriously. This is starting to be a movement amongst webcomics people, and after checking my email today, I’m gonna have to ask the CAD readers once again to go download some Anti-Virus software, and run it once fully updated. I love getting email from you guys, but if it weren’t for the fact that I check my mail with a Macintosh, I would be deluged with viruses. So please, update your scanners, as a service to us and others.

Anyway, I just got this game in the newly released Evolution form, which comes on a tasty silver DVD-ROM for my PS2’s consumption. I love it, it is quite possibly better than Soul Calibur 2, in terms of gameplay. I regret not being able to play VF4 in its original incarnation, but my PlayStation 2 does this thing, where I put in a blue PS2 CD-ROM, and it immediately starts making horrible grinding noises. Doesn’t do it with DVDs, or PS1 games, just the blue PS2 discs. I wouldn’t mention the problem if I didn’t have a serious Rez jones going on (played it twice, it was so good it made me numb, no joke.) Anyway, VF4 Evolution is an amazing game, well worth the $20 price of admission. I can understand that some players of the original won’t want to buy what is essentially an expanded version of the same thing. But yeah, yeah, Lei Fei is 133t Personified and all that. Go buy it. And if you know what will solve my problems with PS2 blue discs, or a place to get a copy of Rez, email me

Until next time, peace, love, and video games.

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