Viva la… new store!

August 28, 2006 by Tim

You know what? Fuck David Blaine.

I was playing Dead Rising survival mode, I was up to two and a half days. I had just stocked up on enough grub to last me twenty hours holed up in the bookstore. Maybe a whole day. I have my TV in split screen so I can watch TV while I wait out the zombie holocaust, and I’m watching David Blaine take a diamond out of a woman’s ring, make it disappear, and then it comes out from under his eyelid. He pulls a diamond from behind his eyeball.

Before I know it, my attention is drawn to a flash on the other side of the screen, as Frank falls over dead. I was so engrossed in the stupid trick I forgot to feed him. Grrr.

So on Friday I mentioned I gave the Just Cause demo a quick whirl, and wasn’t impressed. But I also owed the demo more than ten minutes to give it a fair shake. Well, I had a bunch of friends over for the weekend, and we put the demo through its paces. I have to say, there was much enjoyment from the game, though probably not in the way intended.

Just Cause (or “Just ‘Cuz”, as we came to call it- “Why are you driving off a cliff?” “Just ‘cuz!”) is so over-the-top it’s laughable. I think the whole ‘stunt mode’ aspect is a really cool idea, but does Rico have to somersault a bazillion times with every move he makes? Who at Avalanche decided that for the helicopter stunt position, Rico should jump out of the airborne chopper, up through the spinning rotors (huh?!) and latch onto the tail?

We had a lot of fun with the demo, but most of it was at the game’s expense.

I played some Texas Hold’Em on XBL yesterday. Didn’t do so well. I think I’m about $600k in the hole. Ouch.

I’m anxious for Saint’s Row’s release this week. There’s an article that outlines the 10 best things about the game, which I found interesting. Multiplayer is listed at #1, which is the biggest draw for me as well.

The biggest news for today is the launch of the new Ctrl+Alt+Del Store. I’m pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with to distribute CAD merchandise. I feel that SplitReason can offer my readers quality stuff, with great customer service and affordable shipping.

Right now they’ve got the brand new line of character shirts, featuring all the major characters, including Scott and Zeke, who have never had a shirt before now. There’s also a cast shirt, which is a first for us, for those who enjoy the characters, but don’t necessarily want to wear the associated quotes. I’m really pleased with how these designs turned out, and I think they’re my favorite shirts yet.

Expect to see more stuff in the store in the coming months, and more than just shirts, including something really awesome that should be around just in time for the holidays.

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