December 2, 2013 by Tim


Our site is being sponsored this week by SUMO beanbag chairs. They love you guys and, apparently, you dig them as well. You’ve heard me talk about them in the past, I have a handful of their chairs myself, and I love them. They’re very easy for me to recommend, so I’m always happy to welcome them as a sponsor.

With the holidays coming up, a Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount, and free shipping, I know a SUMO Omni would make a great gift for a close friend or relative.

Plus, thanks to their sponsorship, I’ll be updating Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. You get two extra comics this week. Yay SUMO!

So head on over and check them out.


I’m haphazardly working my way through Dead Rising 3… the sheer number of objectives, combined with the desire to just dick around and slaughter zombies, combined with the sheer number of zombies you encounter, really creates some crazy tension in this game. I mean you almost never have a moment to breath.

People die, and I just keep on going. There’s just no time to try for a perfect run on your first go around. The survivors are smarter than previous iterations, but there are just so many zombies. Especially at night. If I rescue a survivor at night, as far as I’m concerned, they’re already fucked. I give them a potted plant to wield and wish them the best.

Game mechanics aside, I’ve not yet figured out why firefighter zombies are arbitrarily and inexplicably nigh indestructable. I mean, I’ll agree, firefighters are pretty awesome, and should be represented as such. And I’ll agree they have balls of steel, but I was not aware the rest of them was made of steel too. They seem tougher to kill than any other enemy outside of bosses. The human gangsters take fewer hits, and their flesh isn’t even rotting off the bone.

There’s one alley in the city, and maybe it’s just in my game, but I’ve come to call it “fuck this” alley. It seems to always be populated by a dozen or two firefighters, clogging the narrow passage. If you’re not driving down this alley, you’re better off going the long way around.

Regardless, the game is a blast. I did have a weird identity crisis moment when I assembled the “super massager” (which essentially fires dildos at zombies) where I couldn’t remember if I was playing Dead Rising or Saint’s Row, but otherwise all of the crazy weapons and silly outfits are completely intact, despite the game’s overall darker and grittier look. In fact, I appreciate the silliness more against the high-fidelity graphics. The starker contrast works.

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