Warmachine and Hoooooordes!

May 9, 2011 by Tim

One of the other things I’m psyched about for Digital Overload 2011 is our Warmachine/Hordes events. Once again we have Press Gangers coming to the event to run a weekend of WM/H tourneys and demos.

This year I’d really like to try and bring some of my stuff and actually get a game or two in. The CAD board game has to be my top priority, but since we get to keep the event open 24/7 for the entire weekend now, hopefully there will be some more flexibility with finding time to sit down and play!

Last year we offered a Tabletop specific badge, which let people come in at a cheaper price strictly to play tabletop and board games. This year we’re doing it one better. For a $20 spectator pass, you can come in and play all the tabletop games you want. You’re just not allowed to bring in a PC or console, or play in any tournaments.

So if you play Warmachine/Hordes, come on down for the weekend! We’ll have plenty of tables set up for wargaming.

If you’re curious what kind of access the other badges get you, here’s a handy list.


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