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January 26, 2005 by Tim

Well, my lawyers have just received a notice from the legal representation for Penny Arcade. Turns out they’ve filed for the “rights in perpetuity to any and all humorous comic interpretations and/or situations arising or inferred from the electronic entertainment industry and/or the products thereof.”

Basically translated from “lawyerese”, this means that from here on out, Penny Arcade will be the only licensed purveyor of video game humor.

Obviously this comes as quite a blow to Ctrl+Alt+Del, as we here have made our living based off of poking fun at electronic media in all of its forms. Unfortunately the law is the law, and even us independant webcomic artists have to follow it.

Rather than go quietly into the night, I’d like to announce a change of direction for Ctrl+Alt+Del, whereby I plan to take webcomics where they have never gone before. From now on, CAD will focus around two roommates and their love of curtain rods, and the many wacky adventures that ensue. I think you will all enjoy this new turn of events, and I hope you will all stick around to watch it unfold.

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