We need to form… an alliance.

May 19, 2006 by Tim

As a huge fan of the X-men Legends series (and, in fact, pretty much any cooperative action game), naturally I’m pretty excited about Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. It’s supposed to be the largest collection of super heroes every in a single game, and by gosh, I believe them. But how many heroes are too many? Hmm?

In honesty, I’m even more interested in Ultimate Alliance than X-men Legends, and it’s not just the crazy amounts of characters (but that does help). It’s the fact that the game isn’t cell-shaded. I respect what Legends was trying to do, with the comic book feel and all, but I felt the characters were really… what’s the word I’m looking for… muddy. They seemed like blobs of yellow and blue with hardly any real definition. Not a huge deal, because the games were fun.

The Justice League game looks great as well. I got a chance to play it at E3, and I liked it. It did move a little bit slowly… not sure if that will change at all before launch. But the controls were tight, and it was a trip picking shit up with the Green Lantern ring and smashing it about. Just wish it had been Hal Jordan. Pre-fucked-in-the-ass-by-DC Hal Jordan.

Congrats to everyone who got one of the last hardcover books yesterday. And my apologies to anyone who missed out. Gone in ten minutes the first round, and gone in two minutes the second round. Crazy. There’s always the future, though. I’m currently finishing up putting Volume Three together, and that will be out later this year.

Been playing a bit of Top Spin 2 lately. Been a long time since I had a decent tennis game, and Top Spin 2 is decent. Hell of a learning curve, but decently challenging. And the create-a-player surpasses most RPGs out there.

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