So, Solid Snake is looking pretty spry for an old guy. I think aging main characters is neat, but it also sort of limits the resale value after a while. I wonder if they’ll pull a Croft on Snake. You know, kill him off, then change their minds and bring him back in a butchery of continuity?

During one of my layovers in my Canadian escapades earlier this week, I happened across the October issue of CPU magazine, in which a Ctrl+Alt+Del comic is used in an article featuring Konfabulator. I’ll try and scan the page if I have time.

Now that the last portion of my involvement with the books is over and done with, and they have begun shipping to patient customers worldwide, I can move onto other things. We’ve got big things in store here over the next six months. Big things.

Some of them I can’t speak of simply because certain cements have to dry before we do a press release, and other things I just want to be a surprise, as much as I just want to blurt it out. However I won’t keep you entirely in the dark.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to bust my ass to create twelve images to assemble the first ever Ctrl+Alt+Del calendar, something I’ve been getting requests for for a long time. I’m also going to try and put together some sort of greeting car package for the holidays. Maybe a Christmas/Hannukah/Winter-een-mas bundle of cards that you can use to spread the holiday spirit.

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