Webcomic Challenge Team

July 8, 2005 by Tim

Ok, here is the deal. ConnectiCon hosts the Webcomic Challenge where webcomic authors and their fans compete against eachother for prestige, power, and women*.

Ctrl+Alt+Del won last year and we want to win again. I’m going to assemble a team of six fans to help me represent CAD in the challenge.

You must already be attending ConnectiCon on Saturday to apply. I don’t care if you’re the world’s greatest Texas Hold’em player, I’m not flying you out, housing you or anything.

You must be able to attend the scheduled events you agree to participate in. Also, we need at least one representative from our team in each event, so I will be choosing people who can participate in multiple events.

Here is the schedule of events taking place on Saturday, July 16th 2005, at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford:

12AM-???(will run as long as needed): Texas Hold ’em Tournament (Classic Card Game; Poker)

12AM-6PM: Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt (use a digital camera to take pictures of items on the given list)

10AM-4PM: Monopoly (Classic Board Game)

12PM-4PM: 4-Man Halo 2 Team Tournament (Shooter-Style Video Game)

4PM-5PM: Web Comic Artist/Writer Auction (Con attendees bid on their favorite web-comic to have dinner with- Proceeds benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund charity- Web Comic with the top $$ brought in wins big points for the challenge!)

8PM-11:59PM: Munchkin Blender to Level 20 (Funny RPG-style Card Game)

8PM-11:59PM: Super Smash Brothers Melee (Fighter-Style Video Game)

8PM-11:59PM: Dance Dance Revolution (Rythm Dance Video Game)

Only I can participate in the auction, so I’ve got that covered. So now I need the best of the best in the other categories! Think you’ve got what it takes?

Then email me and tell me why I should pick you for the Ctrl+Alt+Del Webcomic Challenge Team!


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