April 18, 2012 by Tim

I’m mostly playing Tribes and League of Legends right now, and I didn’t feel like doing comics about those. So instead I’m trying something a bit different this week.

Coming up though, I’m pretty excited about TERA and Diablo 3. I don’t know how I’ll work out playing with people in Diablo 3, but you’re definitely welcome to join me in TERA if you’re interested. Myself and a few friends are rolling on the Jagged Coast PVP server, so if you want to head there, we’ll be glad to invite you to whatever guild we end up making. Additionally, if you’re on that server in a different guild, let me know if you want to get down with any of that Guild vs Guild PVP stuff. It all looks fun.

Anyway, I’ll post more about TERA once we actually get started in the game.

Some people have been asking if I’m going to be playing Guild Wars 2, and the answer is likely “No.” I can’t really get into it until the NDA goes away, but suffice to say I found TERA to be a fresher, more enjoyable take on the genre. I’ll go into more detail down the line.

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