When I say shotgun, you say wedding

April 19, 2006 by Tim

So the Guitar Hero sequels have been announced…

I’m dedicating this comic to my pal Citrus Kennedy Biscuit Jones the Third. Citrus is a great friend, and one of the most metal people I know. And he’s a die-hard Guitar Hero fan. And if he tries to tell you his name is anything other than Citrus, lemme know. I’ll clobber him.

Really though, I’m psyched about the sequel. When everyone else was going wild over the original, I was purposefully staying away from it. It was too akin to the Revolutions, Karaoke or Dance Dance, choose your poison.

It wasn’t until last month at Digital Overload that Citrus forced me to check it out, and my girlfriend played and really liked it. So when I got home I immediately picked it up with an extra red controller. So I’m anxious to see what songs they chose for the encore. I particularly like the indie bands they choose. I picked up the Exies CD because of their track on the first game.

Most people know I’m a bit of an MMO whore. I bounce around from game to game like Tigger on speed. After talking with Citrus and Brian at length, I’m now getting the City of Heroes/Villains itch again. Deep down I know that it will be just fifty levels of combat, with no depth anywhere else. But I do have fond memories of that combat. And the Villains mayhem missions coming next month look ‘hawt’.

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