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May 1, 2006 by Tim

Ever since Pure Pwnage hit the internet in 2004, I occasionally get emails from people exclaming that they’ve found the real-life Rob in “FPS Doug”. I’ve been meaning to throw a nod their way for a while. They’re a pretty funny crew. You may be familiar with their “WoW is a feeling” video that was big last year. Check out their stuff if you haven’t seen it.

E3 is a little over a week away, and I completely don’t feel like I’m ready for a trip to L.A. I hate traveling (not going to places, but the actual act of getting there), and this is one of the worst trips I do. This year I have non-stop flights though, so I’m hoping that will make it a little bit nicer. My distaste for travel is admittedly one of the primary reasons I’ve passed on all my convention appearances for 2006. It was exhausting last year, and I needed a break.

It’s finally May, and you know what that means. Yep, X-men 3 is out in a few short weeks. Yummy.

Our City of Villains GameDay this past weekend was lots of fun. Great turnout, and I think people were having a blast. I jumped around to join a few different teams to do some missions, and everyone I grouped with was really friendly. And I saw some great costumes too. Someone made Tack Jhompson, an old guy in a business suit, and ran around holding up a protest sign the whole time. Someone even made me, which was pretty amusing. I’ll see about doing a City of Heroes version somewhere down the line.

And this will melt your braaaaaain.

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