Where is never?

April 6, 2009 by Tim

I’m back in the office today after spending all day for the last five days working on the new house. I’m going to ask you guys now to be patient with me for the next few weeks. My two top priorities at the moment are the main comic strip and the new house, and I’m basically working on weeks-worth of comics at a time so that I have time to spend working on the house. If things like the newsposts and sillies get pushed to the back burner for a bit, please just try and bear with me.

For those of you interested in the progress on the house, we are talking pictures during the renovation, so once we start having some finished areas to show for all the work, I’ll post some of the before and after shots and tell you all about it.

The Godfather II comes out tomorrow, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m one of those people that doesn’t finish many games, but the first Godfather game had me hooked. I played that game past the end of the storyline, until I owned every business, every neighborhood in the entire city.

Now I don’t know if the game will hold up as well in a post-GTA4 environment, but the original was a lot of fun, and I think if the sequel offers more of the same, I’ll enjoy it plenty.

More than that, however, I am excited for some of the superhero games coming out this summer,  Batman: Arkham Asylum and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It seems to me like the movement swept through Hollywood in the past decade (you know, where they said “Hey, maybe we can actually make some good superhero movies…”) might be finally reaching the video game industry.

It’s hard to say without some hands-on with the controls (after all, I thought the Iron Man game looked pretty good until I actually played it), but these two titles seem to be shaping up to do some justice to the heroes they star. Finally a stealth-oriented Batman game, and finally a Wolverine game that isn’t afraid to get violent.



Could be a pretty good summer for superhero video games.

And by the way, yes, that is Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman that Lilah is reading in today’s comic. It’s always been one of my favorite Neil Gaiman books, and fortunately I discovered the book before the tv series (it’s a weird situtation where a great book is based off of a so-so television series, instead of vice versa). I’d definitely recommend checking it out (the book, not the show).

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