Update: Our guild will be on a PVE server. There are plenty of options for structured PVP (arenas, battlegrounds, warplots) on a PVE server, without alienating people who don’t want to be forced into constant open-world PVP.


I’m going to need to decide whether our official Wildstar guild will be on a PVE server, or a PVP server. I’m happy either way, so I want to get some feedback from my potential guildmates. I’m pasting a post I found regarding the two different rulesets, followed by a poll you can vote in. If you’re planning to join us in Wildstar, please weigh in!


We intend to have two rulesets at WildStar’s launch, a PvE and PvP ruleset.

World PvP Opportunities on PvE Ruleset
On a PvE Ruleset server, you may voluntarily flag yourself for PvP. In WildStar, there are some zones which are shared by both factions, in terms of PvE content. If you’re flagged, you may run into opposing faction individuals who have also voluntarily flagged themselves for PvP. If you do, I hope you both have some fun :sneaky:
If you try to go into an opposing faction’s city, you will be automatically flagged for PvP.

World PvP Opportunities on PvP Ruleset
On a PvP Ruleset server, PvP flagging is determined based on the zone your character is in. If you are in a zone that is affiliated with your faction, you’re not flagged…but you may voluntarily flag yourself. If you are in a zone that is affiliated with the opposing faction, you are flagged for PvP.
If you’re in a zone that is shared by both factions, you will be flagged for PvP. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to run into your enemy in a shared zone and slay the day away ;)
If you try to go into an opposing faction’s city, you are flagged for PvP (though, this is redundant on a PvP server, because you’re likely in that faction’s zone anyway).

We will have areas within zones or entire zones where PvP is forbidden. These areas, called Sanctuaries, will be present on both PvE and PvP rulesets.

Objective-Based Open World PvP
We understand the strong desire for this type of open world PvP and many of us here at Carbine enjoy it. That said, objective-based open world PvP is not currently a focus for WildStar’s launch. Our intent, as I’ve stated in our Reddit AMAA, is to see how our PvP players interact with the world of Nexus so we can focus on areas which may appeal to a Wildstar PvP player for objective play before we make a deeper investment on open world PvP.

(Also from the Reddit AMAA, but I will also restate it again)
You will be able to level via PvP. You can earn experience off of player kills in the Battlegrounds and through player kills in world PvP. So, there is a little bit of incentive to kill your enemy, outside of the enemy just being an opposing faction player, on either Ruleset, because he’s probably worth some XP. 



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