Wish me luck

August 6, 2003 by Tim

Well this is it. In a few hours I get on a bus to head down to Baltimore to attend the illustrious Otakon. If you’re going to be in the Baltimore area, you should try to swing by. I’ll have a table somewhere in the vast sea that is Artist’s Alley. Look for a large Ctrl+Alt+Del banner hanging from the table.

I’ve finished all of the comics for this week, and loaded them into the ‘automatic-comic-rocket-sling’ (not really called that) to be delivered on time through the weekend, so that updates don’t skip a beat. The current storyline ends on Saturday…. expect Monday’s strip to be up a bit late.. I’m not sure what time I’ll be back.

If you get bored over the weekend, there are a number of things you can do, if you wish.

You can vote, because… why not?

You can go ahead and check out Orcish Spam, a DnD related strip that I got a chuckle out of.

You can all check out this link. It’s sort of an old link, but it’s still the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever.

Click on our sponsors… because they loved me and in turn you should love them.

I’ll be back on Monday… you can keep yourself occupied in the forum, talking to others who miss me as well, until I get back.

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