With a spoon!

December 5, 2007 by Tim

We’ve announced a few more Digital Overload tournaments. Gears of War 4v4 and Texas Hold’Em are back from last year, and Armagetron, which has been at Digital Overload the past 2 years, finally gets an official tournament.

Additionally the Gaming United crew, under their new business name Game Overdrive, will be joining us for the third year in a row. They will be set up in the convention hall selling all sorts of games and game-related swag.

As far as the Gerstmann thing, and this is the last I will ever say on the topic as I think it’s all just been blown ridiculously out of proportion, GameSpot has released their official statements. And while it may have been the “expected cover-up response” to a lot of people, they have denied that advertiser pressure had anything to do with Jeff’s firing. It may not have been the “full-disclosure with all the juicy details” that all of you were hoping for, but that’s how normal business function. Circumstances surrounding promotions, firings, etc are usually kept fairly confidential because they contain a lot of fairly personal information.

Feel free to hold fast to your tinfoil hats and continue to spout conspiracy theories, despite a denial from one first-hand party and absolutely zero reports to the contrary from anyone directly involved. But I would hope that you at least allow the considerable shadow of doubt to hang around in the picture in light of the fact that there is no indisputable evidence on either side of the argument.

In lighter news, I have developed some sort of addiction to pudding, ever since having my wisdom teeth out. I’ve always enjoyed pudding, but now I just can’t seem to get enough of the stuff.

I’m rather partial to butterscotch. The measures of this addiction haven’t been tested in any fashion… that is to say I’m not sure I’d kill any of you for some butterscotch pudding. But the possibility is certainly there.

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