With permission slips

August 17, 2005 by Tim

The “Horde Elementary School” took another field trip tonight, all the way to the northern reaches of Darkshore.

We staged just north of the Crossroads in the Barrens. We had two full raid groups and a third still taking invites, plus some stragglers tagging along. Well over 100 people. We then marched north to the Rampart.

Once we got there I stopped everyone to regroup, and recap our mission: A trek through Ashenvale to Darkshore, to say hello to the Night Elves.

As we traveled the road across Ashenvale, we were packed so thick we were a stampeding blur of awesome. Nothing on that road survived.

As luck would have it, our 100+ raiders ran into a battle already taking place outside of Astranaar. It was a pretty even fight… until we showed up. I wish I had a picture of some of those Alliance faces when over 100 angry Horde came barreling up the road to join the fight.

We were a force to be feared. To their credit, some Alliance did stay to fight. They lasted a good five seconds. Bravo. 😉

The rest of them turned tail and fled, and we chased them all the way back to the bridge of Astranaar.

We camped out for a while, but then the guards decided to take part, so we moved south, circumventing the town and continuing westward. We knew that by this time the call for reinforcements had been made, so we wanted to stay mobile. Our troops were urged to keep up.

We met all sorts of interesting people on our journey. We met Lads that were Fancy…

And people who ‘Focked’ Fruit.

And more fanciful gentlemen.

Even some Keepers of a strange object called “Wang”.

We finally arrived at Auberdine, and went in to greet the natives!

Awesome sauce indeed.

We made it as far as the docks, but the guards were out in full force, and we were no match for them.

Between the guards and the gathering Alliance forces, we were unable to rally a successful second attack. We were divided and conquered, but we hearthed to fight another day!

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