Xfire Chat

August 29, 2006 by Tim

I’ll probably mention this a few more times over the next week or two, but I wanted to put this up here before I forget. Some of you may remember that we did a live chat with Xfire last November, and it was a lot of fun. They’ve invited us back again, and so we’ll be doing another live chat on September 8th.

This time I’ll be bringing Ryan Sohmer of Blind Ferret with me. Ryan is heavily involved with a lot of the large projects here at CAD including the animated series and Digital Overload.

Xfire will also be giving away some prizes during the chat. So far we’ve offered up five subscriptions to CAD Premium, and I’ll be doing an original sketch of Ethan and Lucas to give away. I’m also going to see what else we can pull together to give away, like books and t-shirts and stuff.

Should be lots of fun.

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