You bleed champagne, I drink it

May 4, 2007 by Tim

We’ve got a few new products coming to the store pretty soon(ish). Zip-up hoodies, hats and beanies with the embrodered CAD logo on them, and one special item which I am particularly excited about.

The words and designs will be laser cut- you break them apart and
arrange them on your metal surfaces!

Ctrl+Alt+Del Magnetic Poetry! I’ve always enjoyed the magnetic poetry I have on my refrigerator, and while it won’t have the mass appeal of books or shirts, I’m particularly psyched to get these in. Maybe they’ll sell well enough that we can justify making additional sets with other characters.

Also for those of you looking for Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume One, our first book, rest assured I’ll be reprinting it this year. I’ve just been slacking a bit on designing the new cover. Keep an eye here for news of when it will go on sale.

I’ll post a bit later with the wrap-up of my MMO ideas, but right now I’ve got some new games to attend to. Manhattan beckons me to swing around and fight crime, if you know what I mean.

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